​​​​​Niagara's Beginner Hockey League

2018/2019 Player:

​I have always wanted to learn to play hockey.  My daughters also wanted to learn to play.  We found out about NBHL that offers beginners a chance to learn and play hockey.  It was the perfect opportunity for me and my girls!  We loved it!  Everyone was supportive and helpful offering tips to enhance our performance.  For me personally I loved being about to do this with my girls and watch them get better each game.  Our coach pushed all of us to work hard!  We can’t wait for next year!

So here is my story

My name is Laurent Pagès I’m 39

I arrived from France in january 2014 (3 years ago….. well no let say 4 winters ago that is more reflective of the reality) and my family joined me the following summer.

Before that I lived all my life in France and more precisely in South of France (French Riviera / Provence)

I came to Canada as an Expat for Airbus Helicopter in Fort Erie (formerly Eurocopter). I must have done something wrong for them to send me from South of France where the thermometer rarely goes below 0 to here….

However as a rugby player I looked for a rugby team when I arrived and did find one but honestly it wasn’t the same fun than what I was used to in France. So I stopped that and looked for something else. Then a friend told me to join them at Hockey but I missed the season with them so waited another year and finally when looking for a league for beginners in 2016 I found you guys!

I had a real good time playing with the USA team but honestly the whole guys were very nice.

I now discovered a funny game that I like to play… I have most of the gears (some were borrowed from a friend) so I can play again.

As I said , this is my last year in St Catharines and I don’t know where I’m going next year but maybe it will be somewhere I can still play hockey at my level and if I can , I surely will continue. In the mean time I also think that being champion for my first year is probably the best I can expect and maybe I should retire with my status of champion.

The expert in anything was once a beginner. ~ unknown