​​​​​Niagara's Beginner Hockey League

The expert in anything was once a beginner. ~ unknown

i. Niagara's Beginner Hockey League Rules to Abide By

The NBHL league rules are implemented to keep all players safe so everyone can enjoy this great game that we all love to play. ALL rules listed below apply to ALL participants playing in the NBHL. All players and management are responsible for knowing and following these rules. 

Duration of the Games

• Each game will consist of two (2) 22 minute periods with a 5 minute warm up before the first period. All periods will be run time. After the first period, the teams will switch ends and then the second period will start.

Required Equipment:

All players are to be fully equipped before they step onto the ice. If any piece of equipment on the list below is missing, you will be asked to leave the ice due to safety reasons. The list of mandatory equipment is as follows;

A certified hockey helmet with full cage

Mouth guard (Optional)

Proper neck guard

Shoulder pads

Shin pads

Hockey pants

Jock (Men) or Jill (Women)

Hockey Skates

Hockey stick

Hockey gloves

Socks and jersey will be provided

Elbow pads


If a goalie gets a penalty, it must be served by someone from the goalies' team that was on the ice when the infraction took place. Goalies can skate to the two closest hash marks and back behind the red line. Goalies can go behind the goal line and make a forward pass; however, any incidental contact will result in a goalie penalty.


All games will be scheduled on Sundays unless there is an event or other game scheduled. If this is to happen the NBHL will reschedule any cancelled games on a date when the ice will be available and/or provide the place, date and times the games have been rescheduled to. 


Anyone caught taking part in any of the below offenses will serve a two – five minute penalty in the penalty box depending on the severity of the offense. Please Note: A Penalty during the last minute of play will result in a penalty shot. The Opposing player will take the shot.  

Penalties will be called on the following: 

Unsportsmanlike conduct from players/coaches

Cursive Language to any ref, player or coach

Slamming stick in frustration

Harassing other players or officials

Slamming the bench/penalty box doors

Player Interference or goaltender interference

Holding the stick Covering the puck / Closing hand on the puck

Too many players on the ice

Body Contact (accidental contact, checking, boarding, hitting from behind)

Diving, which includes blocking a shot by­ sliding a stick on the ice or going down on one or two knees

Slue footing


3, two minute penalties on the same player will result in that player being removed from the game

Skating in opposing goalie's crease when in the offensive zone

High sticking above your waist to play the puck, to take a slap shot on net (no sticks should be higher than the knee) or call for a pass

Delay of Game: A defensive player in their defensive zone shoots the puck directly (without being deflected) over the glass. This penalty only applies if the player shoots it over the glass. If the puck is shot into the bench, no penalty is assessed. 


     Players who are looking for a fight or are found to be intentionally chirping to initiate a fight will                  automatically be ejected from the game and will have a hearing to discuss further participation in the            league. If any punches are thrown you will automatically be dismissed from the league.


Icing occurs when a player shoots the puck across both the center red line and the opposing team's goal line, and the puck remains untouched. The whistle will be blown and the face­off occurs in the zone from where the puck was shot.

Goal Scoring:

Assists will be credited as two points and goals credited as one point.

There is a 3 goal maximum for all players, any goal scored by a player after their 3rd goal will not count.


The NBHL will provide one – two referees per game to run the game. The refs will have the authority to call penalties where they see fit - Whether it's a minor infraction or a major infraction. If the major infraction is beyond acceptable the ref will make the proper judgement. The refs are there to make sure the game is fun for everyone and help anyone who has questions regarding the league rules.


Standing Points Breakdown: Win = 2 points, Tie = 1 point, Loss = 0 points

During the last minute of game time, there are no player changes at a whistle. This could be considered a delay of game tactic since the clock stops, and at the Ref's discretion, could incur a penalty. Changes must be made on the fly during this time

According to the Schedule, Home team must sit on the HOME BENCH and Visiting team must sit on the VISITING BENCH

PlayOff Specific Rules:

​In the Championship Game, if tied after two 22 minute periods, there will be a 5 minute, 5 on 5 overtime period. If a Tie remains, a shoot out will commence to determine the winner.

Shoot out format will alternate between one Lady and one Man until a winner is determined.

If there should be a tie between the 2nd & 3rd place teams leading into the Championship Game, the team with the most GOALS FOR will advance to and play in the Championship Game.