The expert in anything was once a beginner. ~ unknown

Buckner's Source for Sports

(Located at 104 Welland Avenue, Midtown Plaza, St.Catharines)

With locations throughout Niagara, The St. Catharines Buckner's in particular has been a proud sponsor of hockey of all ages for many years. Providing knowledgeable support, advice and encouragement to players of all ages.  

When you are new to hockey, the equipment part can certainly be overwhelming.  But have no fear, the friendly, family atmosphere within those Buckner's walls will soon have you more than excited to get suited up and on the ice.  We can promise, (from experience!) that you'll walk away with exactly what you were looking for, the proper size and fit you need and can feel complete confidence in your equipment.  And, no one sharpens those skates better!

We welcome Kim Dayaram to our Team Canada, a brand new to the ice player, and send out another warm "Thank You!" for your generous sponsorship of our 4th team!  We look forward to seeing you off the ice for all our hockey needs!  Go Team!

Fiddlers Pour House

(Located at 149 St. Paul Street, downtown St. Catharines) 


Let’s hang out. Come and chill with friends and family while we treat you special and feed you from our artesian kitchen. Fiddlers offers craft beers on tap that rotate with the seasons, daily specials, and unique drink choices. Fiddler's Pour House is a pub and restaurant located in the heart of downtown St. Catharines at 149 St. Paul Street across from the Meridian Centre access.

​​​​​Niagara's Beginner Hockey League